06 February 2016

A 3rd Week: In and Out of the Comfort Zone

So, to begin, some little happenings of the week within my comfort zone:

Storytelling and sewing seem to be my current lot in life, and I'm so happy for that. What can I say? It's what I love. Speaking of which, I should be working on a synopsis for screenwriting class right now (basically a 250-500 word version of the pitch I mentioned last week)... but writing this post is more fun... ;)

Now, for sewing, I've started the project I mentioned last week! I should have known better than to think that it would be put off, especially when I already have the fabric... ;D But anyway, over the week/weekend, I've begun putting together Simplicity 8014 - and it's been rather difficult, thanks to my gorgeous silky fabric. *cries*

Ahem. So, after cutting out all the pieces (which takes forever, as you know if you've sewn from a pattern before), and applying interfacing to the pieces that require it, I've only been able to get as far as completing some of the bodice (the front pockets created a bit of a roadblock). If they're not gorgeous after all the time I'm spent on them, I will be very sad.

But, all in all, this shirt dress has been an interesting piece to work on, providing me with some use for my free time (because I still haven't been able to start working my costuming job... thanks, official paperwork), as well as a bit of a sewing challenge to improve and expand my skills. Oh, and I'm super excited for the finish product, 'cause I think it'll be adorbs. ;)

Now, to finish, a little story of this week's happening outside of my comfort zone:

I got to meet the author of a wonderful book, Soul Cravings, that I read by chance only a few weeks ago: Erwin McManus. Funny thing is, I didn't know he was speaking until they introduced him. Which leads me to my little story of that experience... ;)

After McManus spoke (and what he talked about was absolutely brilliant), he was at a table set up with his newest book, The Artisan Soul, talking to students and signing books. Now, me, being the slightly shy creature I am, was nervous to go up, and so I stayed in my seat observing the interactions and working up some guts.

Because I knew if I didn't do it, I'd regret it all day.

So, after about fifteen minutes, when the line had subsided quite a bit, the holy Spirit must have given me a push because I found myself traipsing down the steps of the auditorium. Then, when it was my turn, I bought "The Artisan Soul," and then got to speak with Mr Erwin for a moment as he signed my copy. He was so nice, and was appreciative that I had read "Soul Cravings." 

I walked away clutching my new book, jubilant simply because I had "done it."

I sincerely hope I was a little bit of an encouragement to Mr McManus, because he certainly was to me. I haven't started reading "The Artisan Soul" yet because i'm currently reading seven books, but I can't wait until I can - mostly because it sounds amazing, but also because, hey, I've met the author! ;)

Now, in conclusion, friends, I have so much else I would love to share with you all if I had more time to write. So many things I've been learning, so many joyful little happenings, so many times God poured out little blessings... but alas, homework awaits and midnight approaches, so, until next week, I shall bid you all a fond farewell.

his little nose scrunch tho


  1. Enjoy your blog so much, Beth! Life is exciting for you and as your grandmother and one of your biggest fans, this excites me!! Carry on, child...by the way that love of sewing is and has been mine as well!! Love you!

  2. Good for you, Beth! It's awesome that you were able to do that! Keep sewing and storytelling! :D

  3. Yay! Hurrah for getting our of your comfort zone :) Ahhh yes, reading tons of books at the same time. I do that quite frequently - it's very stressful, but oh so much fun!

    Ellie | On the Other Side of Reality

  4. Can't wait to see the finished sewing project! I'm sure it'll turn out beautiful! OMGS YOU LUCKY THING YOU GOT TO MEET AN AUTHOR. I have yet to accomplish that.

  5. That is simply awesome that you got to meet an author!! If I had the chance too I would probably miss that chance cause I'm so shy :/

  6. Authors are such fun to hang out with (Says the girl who's mother is one) :-D But really though they're perfectly lovely people and I'm so glad you got your book signed!