15 February 2016

4th Week - Deep in Work and Snow

Dear friends,

This week was host to a rather large milestone in my little life: the start of my first job -- my first costuming job. And it has been incredible so far. Not only is the work fun (literally just sewing for hours!!), I get to work with some wonderful people, on super cool projects. We're currently working on the final costume alterations for the production of Brigadoon that the theater department is putting on this coming weekend, which has made for a good intro for me into their workshop -- it's not too overwhelming, so I can get a feel of the workshop without too much pressure at first.

Oh guys, it's just wonderful. I think this job is the perfect introduction for me into the workforce: a fairly simple job position, in a very safe and comfortable environment. I'm so looking forward to my future in this position and the experiences I'll have. :)

Now, I'm sure I'll be telling you plenty more about my position in my university's theater department's costume shop, but, because I'm writing this post late (and I've got no good reason -- shhh), I'm going to keep it short. However, I have some pictures I'd like to share with you of today: another beautiful snow day, enjoyed with new friends, going sledding, snowboarding, and adventuring.

Until next week, my peeps.

P.S. Photo creds of the last two pics go to Russel, who borrowed my camera for a bit. ;)


  1. As always, Beth...love this. So glad you are so happy in your work.

  2. Great shots of the snow! Glad you're enjoying the new job. . <3

  3. Such lovely photos Bethie! :-) Those photos of the landscape are in such stark contrast to us here in Aus.. it's been 36 degrees c today and really sunny.