30 August 2015

Looking Back on my First Week of College

One week.  Seven days.  168 hours.

It goes by so fast, but not until you're looking back at it.  In the moment, the days feel slow, placid, maybe even boring.  You don't hear that much, do you?  The idea that college is boring... and really, it isn't, except occasionally.  For me, I felt bored too much this first week, and I'm hoping that will change over the course of the next few weeks.

So, firstly, my classes.  Out of the six I'm taking this semester, I love four of them.  The other two are mostly lame -- so I won't go into those.  However, I'd love to tell you about the others...

Philosophy and Contemporary Ideas.  The professor is great, the class is small, and the lecture/reading/discussion topics are fascinating.  Who knew I'd enjoy philosophy??  Bonus: For the extra 250 pages of philosophy reading of our choice, I chose a book entitled "Star Wars and Philosophy." #forthewin

Design and Construction 1 for Apparel.  This is basically sewing class. :D  The only downside is that it's geared more towards those who have never sewn before (which isn't me).  The upside to this, however, is that I'll get to go back to the basics, and master them as I should!

Film Appreciation.  Just what it sounds like, we're going to spend the majority of time in class watching and discussing movies.  There is no downside to this. ;D  I haven't seen 6 out of the 7 movies the professor has chosen, so I'm excited to expand my movie-knowledge.  The first one will be Jaws... hehehe.

History of Life.  Now, I'm no science geek, by any means, but this class has been absolutely fascinating so far.  It focuses on the "history of life," as you could guess, and goes into all the different arguments and debates concerning that.  So, last Thursday, the professor (who is awesome) discussed how the theory of evolution contributed to the mindset of Nazi Germany. :O

Next, the fun things.  I'm rather friendless (with lots of acquaintances), and have been at home more than I care to admit, but there's still been some cool happenings over the course of this week...

The first convocation (the thrice-weekly meeting all the students have to attend, previously known as chapel) featured David Crowder!  Now, that guy is definitely an odd-ball, but some of his music is just lovely -- so I really enjoyed hearing him live. ^_^

I signed up for a beginner's snowboarding competition!!  Yes, I know -- I've never snowboarded in my life.  BUT that is exactly what the competition is geared towards: "Students must balance their school and work schedules while learning how to ski or snowboard - starting with no experience - training to battle it out in a snowboarding competition."  If I'm chosen to be one of the 7 people on the "off campus" team (there are 5 teams in all), I'll be trained for 8 weeks leading up to a competition against the other teams.  So, I'll definitely let you know what ends up happening with that. :D

The third kind-of-cool thing that happened this week, was that I was featured on the "Faces of Liberty" Facebook page, which is run by a Liberty student who goes around to random students and does a little mini-interview with them to share their story -- kind of like the "Humans of New York" page.  Cool, right?? :)

So, I suppose this wraps up the happenings of my first week of college.  It kept me much less busy than I was expecting, but it was still a wonderful week, and I'm very much looking forward to the next one. :)  Until later, friends! ^_^

P.S.  Being off Pinterest has finally gotten to me, and my poor soul is dying for a solid fangirling sesh.  Any news I'm missing out on??  Any pins that I should see? ;D

23 August 2015

The Night Before College...

...and all through the house,
one creature was fretting -- and it wasn't a mouse.

I knew my new backpack was filled up with care,
And triple-checked that everything I needed was there.

I remembered my outfit as it fell with a clatter,
Hoping it was "cool" enough, but deciding it didn't matter.

Then my thoughts turned to the very next day,
When everything would probably not go my way.

Visions of running late raced through my head,
I hoped it wouldn't happen, but was still filled with dread.

And when into my new class rooms I finally came,
Who would I meet, and would I remember their name?

Really, part of me longed to be a fly on the wall,
To simply watch, and observe that first day of all.

While all these scenarios raced through my head,
I was trying to sleep, lying in bed.

And finally, I slipped off to dream land, out of sight,
Hoping most of all, I would just survive the night.