23 August 2015

The Night Before College...

...and all through the house,
one creature was fretting -- and it wasn't a mouse.

I knew my new backpack was filled up with care,
And triple-checked that everything I needed was there.

I remembered my outfit as it fell with a clatter,
Hoping it was "cool" enough, but deciding it didn't matter.

Then my thoughts turned to the very next day,
When everything would probably not go my way.

Visions of running late raced through my head,
I hoped it wouldn't happen, but was still filled with dread.

And when into my new class rooms I finally came,
Who would I meet, and would I remember their name?

Really, part of me longed to be a fly on the wall,
To simply watch, and observe that first day of all.

While all these scenarios raced through my head,
I was trying to sleep, lying in bed.

And finally, I slipped off to dream land, out of sight,
Hoping most of all, I would just survive the night.



    Plus, sidenote, I ADORE that gorgeous picture of you on the side.

    I cant wait to hear all about your college adventures. God bless you! You're gonna have an awesome first day!:)

  2. Oh this is so perfect, and lovely, and true. I'm only glad I am not going to college, But I hope you have a blessed first day.

  3. Well, just hope you've kept up your blading skills. You're going to need them during your philosophy classes. Just remember: Parry, THEN Thrust.

  4. SQUEEEEEEEEE this seriously makes me so happy YOUR NEWWWW BLOGGGG :D :D

    And I love that poem! Really perfect. Like, yeah. No kidding. I start my classes Wednesday, but I'll be praying and thinking of you tomorrow! You got this girl!!

  5. I'm joining in with Karis

    Yay! So I'm guessing as I type this on this warm Australian evening that somewhere at LU you will be starting your classes. What an exciting thought! Although wouldn't it be great if we all could attend the same college?

    Lovely lovely lovely! =D This poem is great and the blog too! Well now, I suppose all I will say is I'll be praying and You have this in the bag!

    ~Your aussie chum

    1. Orrrrrrrr since I've just looked up the time, starting today?!!?

      What Even!?

  6. Awwww Beth!! Your new blog is just gorgeous! ^_^ EEEEPP I cannot even believe it!!!!!!!! xD xD and that picture of you is very lovely!! I'm so excited to hear about your college life. Praying for the best for you!

  7. Oh and how long did it take you to come up with that adorable poem?!?! xD :D I love it!!! ^_^

  8. Nice poem! Hope you have a great first day. :D

  9. Hope your first day went better than at the University of Iowa:

  10. Eeee! I love your new blog! :)

    Good luck with uni! (Or college ;)

  11. Wonderful!!!! You really have a poetic gift! Most of my poems have ended in complete failure. :) I hope your first day of school went well!!!