29 March 2016

Ten. Easter. Etc.


If I told you that I forgot about blogging until 20 minutes before midnight on Monday because I put it off on Sunday, would you believe me?  Well, you should, because I did.  Oops.

Anyway, this week was fairly routine, except for the celebration of just THE GREATEST ACT IN ALL OF HISTORY.  Last Friday, Good Friday, is the best Friday out of every Friday of the year, because on that day, many, many years ago, Christ died so that we might live.

But, you know, the story did not end there.  Three days later, Christ rose from the stinkin' DEAD and the greatest act history has ever known was completed.  There has never been such a beautiful display of love, nor will there ever be.  That's why Easter is awesome.  And don't you forget it. :)

Between the Easter celebrations, I did lotsa homework -- the most fun of which, was finally getting to start work on my short film script for screenwriting class!!  Oh my word was it fun, to finally see the idea that I've been developing for sooo long FINALLY become words on a page, actually looking like a real script (because it IS a real script)... yes, such a marvelous feeling. ^_^

After this class, and realizing how much I truly do love script writing, and not failing too terribly at it, I don't think I'd mind becoming a screenwriter.  Stories are so powerful, guys, and to be the person who gets to create that story in the first place?  That's an awesome thing.  But, you know, costumes are also a thing so I probably won't ever become a screenwriter.  But, you never know! ;)

Speaking of stories, as we all know, Batman v. Superman came out this weekend... and naw, I didn't go see it, simply because I knew I wouldn't enjoy it -- or at least not enough to warrant the $9.  I might see it when it's at Redbox, but with Civil War coming up, I know there's just no reason for me to bother with sub-par superheroes-becoming-enemies stories.  So, yeah.  I just thought I should address that before moving on, since it's a wee bit of a big deal in the fangirl world. ;)

And now speaking of Civil War, I will leave you with this masterfully edited video entitled, "The Road to Civil War," showing beautifully the history behind this movie.  The feels are strong with this one, so prepare yourself...

20 March 2016

the 9th Week Break, in Spring

First of all, happy first day of Spring and Palm Sunday.  This marks the end of an absolutely wonderful spring break.

w/ Emily behind the camera
At the beginning of the break, those three friends I mentioned last week came to visit, and what a wonderful time we had.  Catching up on all the crazy life happenings... touring Liberty... giggling uncontrollably over Bad Lip Reading songs (such as this classic)... watching both Star Trek movies (sorry, Karis, but Star Wars still has my heart)... going ice skating... coloring our hair pink and blue with hair chalk... handling real human lungs (thanks, Crystal, my sister and science nerd)... singing some very bad karaoke... well, you get the gist of it. ;)

Needless to say, their visit was such a fun way to start off the break.

The rest of the week wasn't nearly as eventful as those first three days, but it was still amazing and relaxing and fun.  The fam and I watched some good oldies (The Sound of Music truly is a masterpiece)... I did plenty of sewing on that shirt dress I'm making (it's almost done!)... I went shopping for fabric and clothes (both trips were quite successful)... I got to read for PLEASURE for the first time since Christmas break... and, of course, I did get some homework done. ;)

But, alas, school and work begin again tomorrow.  I'm okay with that though.

I'm ready to finish freshman year out strong.  I'm ready to finish working on the costumes for Beauty and the Beast and see the final result.  I'm ready to make the apparel project in sewing class (I'm making a winter coat which I'm SO excited about because I've been wanting to make on for ages).  I'm ready to give some more speeches.  I'm ready to continue learning about personal finance, worldview, and technology.  I'm ready to write the script for my short film.  I'm ready to work hard in school and my job, as something done unto the Lord, and not for men.

Mhmm, I'm so ready for this next half of the semester.

How was your spring break though?  Or have you had it yet?  Happy it's Spring? (I AM) :)

12 March 2016

Halfway Finished with College Semester 2.0

Guess who's on Spring Break????


And it's a good thing too, because this week was a doozy.  I had to present my first big speech in Communications class, an "argument of fact."  So I chose to argue the conspiracy theory that Obama is a terrorist/terrorist sympathizer.  It was fabulous...ly hilarious.

I also had two midterms (which both ended up being super easy), for Communications and Biblical Worldview 2.  Studying for those took some time, though.  Add to that work and homework, and I was maxed out for busyness.  So, it's wonderful that break is finally here and I'll be able to chillax a bit. ;)

At the costume shop, we're currently in the thick of building costumes for Beauty and the Beast!  Everything is very hush hush, but what I can say, is that the costume I've been helping with, for Madame de la Grande Bouche (in other words, the wardrobe) was just completed on Friday, and it looks pretty cool. ;)

But what I'm really excited about for Spring Break, is that three of my best friends from Tennessee are coming up to visit over the weekend!  It feels like I haven't seen them in ages, though it's only been a few months.  It's going to be so much fun to show them around my new hometown and Liberty.  And speaking of which -- they're arriving today!  So, I must keep this post short and sweet, and I'm going to go prep for their arrival... ;)

Oh also this happened this week and it broke my ability to even.  Literally no words to express how stinkin' excited I am for this movie.

Until next week, my dear friends!  I apologize that the past few posts haven't been very interesting -- I'm hoping to get up a fun post about a recent sewing project for next week. :)

06 March 2016

Sick in the Seventh Week

This week, I came down with a cold.  And when I get sick, I have this bad tendency of getting 100% sick.  So, I skipped three days of classes and work, and slept.  This helped me get over the worst of it, but now I get to suffer through the tail end of it... not fun.

While all this is going on, homework has kind of piled up.  So I've been trying not to stress over that, and instead focus on the fact that I only have one more week to get through before Spring break is here, and I will finally have some room to breathe.  Continued prayers for me would be so, so appreciated, if you think of it.

Thanks for letting me have a little pity party there.  But now I need to practice a speech, so I'll keep this post short and sweet, and leave you with these terrible quality photos (thank you, dumb phone) from the past few months, taken around various places on campus -- entitled, "Feat. My Feet." ;)