31 January 2016

Le Deuxieme: Sewing & Storytelling

As I wrote that title, meaning to sum up what was going on this second week of my second semester of college, I realized something... costuming is exactly where sewing and storytelling collide, and that is exactly why I love it so much. Costuming is the culmination of the two pastimes I enjoy the most. Rather interesting, eh? ;)

Moving on from that little rabbit trail, let's chat about sewing.

First, that half-circle skirt I mentioned I had made two weeks ago? I remembered to take a picture last Thursday, when I wore it to school again:

hi im beth and i like being overdramatic
Super simplistic outfit, but it was a really gloomy day and I was just reflecting that in my dress. ;) As for the skirt though, I really love it. I made it to hit right above the knee, which is my favorite length for skirts, and the half-circle is extremely conducive to activity - it's full enough to be pretty, but straight enough so there's no fear of it going anywhere crazy. ;)

Also this week, we're getting started on making some samples of a bunch of different seam constructions, and I loved being able to slow down a bit to cut out all the fabric pieces required for them. You can't see my fabric very well in the pic, but I bought my 100% cotton in a pretty little pink and green flowery print that I just love. If I have any left, I want to make a clutch or something out of it, because looking at it just makes me happy. ^_^

And lastly, I went to Joann on Wednesday to take advantage of their $1 Simplicity pattern sale (!!!), and came home with three patterns and three yards of some gorgeous black peachskin fabric (that's what it says on the receipt anyway..?) to create that middle pattern, view B (the tan version) with view A (the floral one)'s sleeve and collar. I'm not sure when exactly I'll find time for it, but it'll get made eventually... ;)

So, now that we've gone over the sewing aspects of the past week, it's time to go into the storytelling aspect...

Screenwriting class has definitely shifted into high gear this week, with our first writing assignment due on Monday: three film or "elevator" pitches for three story ideas we come up with on our own. Plus, we have to get to present one of them in class... Yeahhhh, I'm not too thrilled about that. I've learned from past experience I'm not much of a visual performer... BUT. I'm determined to not be nervous, and I'm sure it'll go fine. ;)

Welp... it's now past midnight, and I suppose I should be asleep. Funny how time flies when you're telling about what you love, isn't it? But I'll just say goodnight, and that I look forward to next week when I can talk with you all further about sewing, storytelling, and more. ^_^

24 January 2016

Hired: the (second) First Week

Before I type one more word, I think I must tell you the Big News. Actually, I think it qualifies as huge news. As in, caps lock: HUGE. So, that job opportunity I told you all about in my last post?

I was hired. Right then and there. And I'm to start work ASAP.

God. Is. So. Good.

I still have to go through all the paperwork and HR business, but, unless something terrible happens (the fear of which is why I haven't told you all of these developments until now), I have an actual, legit, paying JOB. My first job. And it's basically my dream job. I'm going to sew costumes and be paid to do it, 18 hours a week.

Like, how is this even real life???

The interview was quite an experience, as I stepped into the Land of the Theater Department for the very first time. I cannot tell you how conspicuous and out of place I felt pushing open the door to that section of the theater department, walking down the hallway... a film girl trespassing in theater territory. (But my jitters were all for naught, and I'm thrilled to get to be a part of that department.)

The women who interviewed me were the head costume designer, the assistant costume designer, and the costume shop manager, and were all so wonderful. They put me right at ease, and made the affair feel more like a "get to know you" rather than an actual interview. We talked about my family and schooling, previous sewing and costuming experience, and just what exactly I'd be doing for the job.

Then, before we wrapped the interview up, they said that they would like to hire me - and it was all I could to keep myself from jumping out of my chair and running out of that office squealing my lungs out all the way down the hallway. As it was, my grin was threatening to overtake my face, and I had to try very hard to make sure I didn't thank them too profusely... ;)

Afterwards, walking to the bus stop, I was practically skipping down the hallways in my high-heeled boots. Riding the bus back to my parked car, I felt like I was glowing as I internally screamed the whole ride. And I might have shed a tear of joy or two on the drive back home. I mean, I just got hired to do what I love, while I go to the college I love, to learn what I love, for the glory of the God I love.

My heart is full.

And now it is five minutes to midnight, and time for me to stop editing this post and just post it. Love you, my dear friends, and I pray you all enjoy a wonderful week ahead. :)

18 January 2016

College Semester 2: Present...

Today was the first day of classes for my last semester of Freshman year, and my second semester of college.

And it was a phenomenal day.

First, last night, I had just finished a half-circle skirt that I'd been working on this past week, so I got to wear that today. I made it out of some beautiful swishy, green fabric I found in my stash (I think it was originally thrifted) when I was organizing my fabric box, and it turned out rather pretty.  Now, wearing pretty skirts always makes me feel happy, but wearing a pretty skirt that I made myself is even better.  So, great start to the day.

Second, all classes before convocation were cancelled (meaning my 8:15 sewing class), because Donald Trump came to speak, and so security was complicated and they needed extra time to get people in and out of the auditorium. Now, me, being a lucky duck commuter, am not required to attend convo... which meant sleeping in. Hehehe. ;)

Third, 1:00 was my first screenwriting class!! Oh guuuuuys, I'm just thrilled for this course. Today was just intros and going over the syllabus (literally my favorite thing to do *note the sarcasm*), but it was still fun, and I got to meet and chat a bit with a fellow film major, which was great. I love meeting people. I really must be an extrovert... a not-super-outgoing extravert. That must be it.

Fourth, when I got home from screenwriting, (my only class of the day), I got an e-mail... which you might have already heard about from my twitter...
I'm trying really really hard to not get my hopes up, BUT MY HOPES ARE UP AND IF I GET THE JOB I WILL PROBABLY DIE FROM HAPPINESS. [Ahem]. They requested an interview with me sometime this week, and from there, I suppose I'll just have to wait for "the call." Wait, that's what actors get... do employees get calls too?? ;D

So, if I get the job, trust me. I will let you know asap. ;)

Fifth, I sold another one of my old textbooks to a student on campus before I headed over to my next, last, activity.  Hey, ten dollars is ten dollars, and that kind of money adds up, right? It was the fourth textbook I've sold, so I was super thankful for that. God takes care of me and my minor finances. :)

And last of all, my final activity of the day, I got to watch Jurassic World (!!!) for the first time with other peeps from the Cinematic Arts program, courtesy of the wonderful people who put together "2nd Monday Cinema" for us film geeks. As far as the film goes -- absolutely phenomenal. I need to see it again so I can form a better thought-out opinion of it, but... I loved every minute of it. So stressful but exciting and aesthetically appealing and well thought out... mhmm. Great fun, great film. ;)

So that was my first day of my second semester of college. It was a wonderful day, and it makes me excited for the coming semester and all the good times to come.

P.S. If the title of this post sounds somewhat disfunctional, that's because it is. The second half will come at the end of the semester. Because I'm just creative like that. ;D

05 January 2016

In a New Year and a New Home

You might have noticed, I’ve kind of been MIA from the internet for the past few days. Well, I’ve got good reason: my family and I have moved (and thus I didn't have wi-fi for the past five days).

All the details are uninteresting and inconsequential -- the gist of it is that now Alissa, Crystal, and I don’t have to live in a townhouse any longer, and can now again live with the fam while we attend college/grad school. Some people might see it as an odd arrangement, but it makes sense in so many ways for us. So, according to the Lord’s will, we finally have a beautiful little house of our own five minutes from my university. I’m excited to turn my pretty attic bedroom into a little oasis of inspirational space.

The past five days, I’ve been at this new house by myself, while the rest of my family went back to TN to retrieve the last of our boxes. It was an interesting experience. I had a whole lot of time on my hands, needless to say, with no access at all to internet, as we couldn’t get it set up until just this afternoon. I’m glad to say, however, that I spent my time fairly productively and profitably. I did lots of unpacking, and some cleaning – made more fun by having the LOTR trilogy playing nearby on my laptop while I scrubbed. ;)

A major blessing that came with all this free time, was that Jesus and I had plenty of unrushed time to catch up. I’ve never had much trouble talking to God, but listening can be hard, and it was wonderful to actually slow down and do just that these past few days. Besides my regular quiet times with God (which were luxuriously extensive), I started reading “Jesus Calling,” which ended up being the perfect addition to my quiet times, as well as a fascinating little book entitled “Soul Cravings” by Erwin McManus.

As you can tell, I’ve had plenty of activities in the absence of wi-fi to keep me busy in my hermitude (that’s most definitely not a word), and I ended up rather enjoying my unplanned “internet detox.” ;) I suppose that is a pretty good way to start off a new year, 2016. And speaking of 2016… well, to me, it still feels like 2015, and it will for the next few weeks/months -- but I am so thrilled that 2016 has arrived. I’m sure this year holds many grand adventures, and I’m so excited to be swept off into yet another year on Earth.

At this time of year, everyone's looking back over the last year... well, I don't want to look back. There was good, bad, and everything in between last year, but at this point, I only have eyes for the future. Not that I don't want to think about all the wonderful times I had last year, but, in my mind, to get bogged down in either the good or the bad of the past is detrimental to the soul. Nostalgia and regret can both hurt, in their own ways. And as I heard one person put it, "Anticipation is one of the great gifts of the human experience."

In this new year, I plan to only look forward. I'm anticipating the good, the bad, and everything in between that I will get to experience in 2016. My second semester of college (the classes, people, and experiences that come with), further spiritual growth (God helping me), hopefully being used by God in mighty and not-so-mighty ways, and the release of a plethora of new movies (please don't judge me). And, who knows -- maybe 2016 will be the year Jesus returns... now that is something to anticipate.

So let's get this party started, shall we? ;)