31 January 2016

Le Deuxieme: Sewing & Storytelling

As I wrote that title, meaning to sum up what was going on this second week of my second semester of college, I realized something... costuming is exactly where sewing and storytelling collide, and that is exactly why I love it so much. Costuming is the culmination of the two pastimes I enjoy the most. Rather interesting, eh? ;)

Moving on from that little rabbit trail, let's chat about sewing.

First, that half-circle skirt I mentioned I had made two weeks ago? I remembered to take a picture last Thursday, when I wore it to school again:

hi im beth and i like being overdramatic
Super simplistic outfit, but it was a really gloomy day and I was just reflecting that in my dress. ;) As for the skirt though, I really love it. I made it to hit right above the knee, which is my favorite length for skirts, and the half-circle is extremely conducive to activity - it's full enough to be pretty, but straight enough so there's no fear of it going anywhere crazy. ;)

Also this week, we're getting started on making some samples of a bunch of different seam constructions, and I loved being able to slow down a bit to cut out all the fabric pieces required for them. You can't see my fabric very well in the pic, but I bought my 100% cotton in a pretty little pink and green flowery print that I just love. If I have any left, I want to make a clutch or something out of it, because looking at it just makes me happy. ^_^

And lastly, I went to Joann on Wednesday to take advantage of their $1 Simplicity pattern sale (!!!), and came home with three patterns and three yards of some gorgeous black peachskin fabric (that's what it says on the receipt anyway..?) to create that middle pattern, view B (the tan version) with view A (the floral one)'s sleeve and collar. I'm not sure when exactly I'll find time for it, but it'll get made eventually... ;)

So, now that we've gone over the sewing aspects of the past week, it's time to go into the storytelling aspect...

Screenwriting class has definitely shifted into high gear this week, with our first writing assignment due on Monday: three film or "elevator" pitches for three story ideas we come up with on our own. Plus, we have to get to present one of them in class... Yeahhhh, I'm not too thrilled about that. I've learned from past experience I'm not much of a visual performer... BUT. I'm determined to not be nervous, and I'm sure it'll go fine. ;)

Welp... it's now past midnight, and I suppose I should be asleep. Funny how time flies when you're telling about what you love, isn't it? But I'll just say goodnight, and that I look forward to next week when I can talk with you all further about sewing, storytelling, and more. ^_^


  1. That sounds like a really cool movie! I would definitely watch it :)

    - Ellie

  2. What an incredible imagination you have, Beth. Yes...I would want to read that! So good to know you are studying what you love and doing what you love. Life can be so satisfying when you are doing what you love....making use of the gifts you have been given. :-)
    Alice ("G")

  3. beautiful <3

    Im glad college is going so well for you :) best of luck with presenting in class! your idea is marvelous!

  4. That sounds like an awesome movie! also rather heart breaking XD