24 January 2016

Hired: the (second) First Week

Before I type one more word, I think I must tell you the Big News. Actually, I think it qualifies as huge news. As in, caps lock: HUGE. So, that job opportunity I told you all about in my last post?

I was hired. Right then and there. And I'm to start work ASAP.

God. Is. So. Good.

I still have to go through all the paperwork and HR business, but, unless something terrible happens (the fear of which is why I haven't told you all of these developments until now), I have an actual, legit, paying JOB. My first job. And it's basically my dream job. I'm going to sew costumes and be paid to do it, 18 hours a week.

Like, how is this even real life???

The interview was quite an experience, as I stepped into the Land of the Theater Department for the very first time. I cannot tell you how conspicuous and out of place I felt pushing open the door to that section of the theater department, walking down the hallway... a film girl trespassing in theater territory. (But my jitters were all for naught, and I'm thrilled to get to be a part of that department.)

The women who interviewed me were the head costume designer, the assistant costume designer, and the costume shop manager, and were all so wonderful. They put me right at ease, and made the affair feel more like a "get to know you" rather than an actual interview. We talked about my family and schooling, previous sewing and costuming experience, and just what exactly I'd be doing for the job.

Then, before we wrapped the interview up, they said that they would like to hire me - and it was all I could to keep myself from jumping out of my chair and running out of that office squealing my lungs out all the way down the hallway. As it was, my grin was threatening to overtake my face, and I had to try very hard to make sure I didn't thank them too profusely... ;)

Afterwards, walking to the bus stop, I was practically skipping down the hallways in my high-heeled boots. Riding the bus back to my parked car, I felt like I was glowing as I internally screamed the whole ride. And I might have shed a tear of joy or two on the drive back home. I mean, I just got hired to do what I love, while I go to the college I love, to learn what I love, for the glory of the God I love.

My heart is full.

And now it is five minutes to midnight, and time for me to stop editing this post and just post it. Love you, my dear friends, and I pray you all enjoy a wonderful week ahead. :)


  1. Reiterating what I said on Twitter :-)

  2. Woo Hoo! Another amazing milestone for you! Rejoicing and thanking the Lord with you! <3

  3. We are so happy for you, Beth!

  4. Congrats!! Gosh you are lucky! XD My dream job is working in an indie bookstore.

  5. WOO! CONGRATULATIONS! I cant wait to hear all about your awesome job in the future! God is SO GOOD!

  6. Yay! Congrats! You will definitely have to post on your projects you'll be doing at work!!

  7. AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME!!!!! Way to go!!! God is totally good! Have fun...that sounds so exciting!

  8. YAAAAY BETH. Beautiful pictures of snow too! You're life is quite underway and I am so excited for you. =) ♥

  9. Congratulations! What does the job involve? :)