18 January 2016

College Semester 2: Present...

Today was the first day of classes for my last semester of Freshman year, and my second semester of college.

And it was a phenomenal day.

First, last night, I had just finished a half-circle skirt that I'd been working on this past week, so I got to wear that today. I made it out of some beautiful swishy, green fabric I found in my stash (I think it was originally thrifted) when I was organizing my fabric box, and it turned out rather pretty.  Now, wearing pretty skirts always makes me feel happy, but wearing a pretty skirt that I made myself is even better.  So, great start to the day.

Second, all classes before convocation were cancelled (meaning my 8:15 sewing class), because Donald Trump came to speak, and so security was complicated and they needed extra time to get people in and out of the auditorium. Now, me, being a lucky duck commuter, am not required to attend convo... which meant sleeping in. Hehehe. ;)

Third, 1:00 was my first screenwriting class!! Oh guuuuuys, I'm just thrilled for this course. Today was just intros and going over the syllabus (literally my favorite thing to do *note the sarcasm*), but it was still fun, and I got to meet and chat a bit with a fellow film major, which was great. I love meeting people. I really must be an extrovert... a not-super-outgoing extravert. That must be it.

Fourth, when I got home from screenwriting, (my only class of the day), I got an e-mail... which you might have already heard about from my twitter...
I'm trying really really hard to not get my hopes up, BUT MY HOPES ARE UP AND IF I GET THE JOB I WILL PROBABLY DIE FROM HAPPINESS. [Ahem]. They requested an interview with me sometime this week, and from there, I suppose I'll just have to wait for "the call." Wait, that's what actors get... do employees get calls too?? ;D

So, if I get the job, trust me. I will let you know asap. ;)

Fifth, I sold another one of my old textbooks to a student on campus before I headed over to my next, last, activity.  Hey, ten dollars is ten dollars, and that kind of money adds up, right? It was the fourth textbook I've sold, so I was super thankful for that. God takes care of me and my minor finances. :)

And last of all, my final activity of the day, I got to watch Jurassic World (!!!) for the first time with other peeps from the Cinematic Arts program, courtesy of the wonderful people who put together "2nd Monday Cinema" for us film geeks. As far as the film goes -- absolutely phenomenal. I need to see it again so I can form a better thought-out opinion of it, but... I loved every minute of it. So stressful but exciting and aesthetically appealing and well thought out... mhmm. Great fun, great film. ;)

So that was my first day of my second semester of college. It was a wonderful day, and it makes me excited for the coming semester and all the good times to come.

P.S. If the title of this post sounds somewhat disfunctional, that's because it is. The second half will come at the end of the semester. Because I'm just creative like that. ;D


  1. I'm so excited!!! You start Second Semester and I'm a little freshman, oh teach me your ways? ;)
    Really though.. Any who best of luck dear and I'm choosing my subjects now which reminds me I need to email you about that.

    1. Eee!! That is so exciting! I can't wait to hear what classes you're taking and how you like uni and all that jazz. Hehe. :D


  3. Hooray for sleeping in!

    Screenwriting sounds fun! I would like to try it. Maybe I will when I go to college :)

    Congrats on your costuming interview!

    That money really does add up! ;D


    1. I know right?? I'm really excited to learn how to write for screen... I don't think I'll be super good at it, but it'll definitely be fun to try. :D

      Thanks dear!

      YESSSSS It seriously is SO good!! I'm just sad I missed out on the awesomeness until now.. ;D

  4. Glad you had such a good day!!

  5. Upload a pic of ur circle skirt, it sounds cute! Can't wait to hear more about ur screenwriting class and potential job opportunity, they both sound soooo cool!!! Jurassic world is the best! After seeing it, I decided that someday I'm going to name one of my kids Greyson and call him Grey just like in the movie :D

    1. Oh, of course! I'll be sure to share a pic of it. :D I'm so excited about both!! You'll definitely be hearing more about those... :) Jurassic World, YES!!! I also loved the name Greyson. It's just so cool and unique (without sounding odd, lol).

  6. I would also like to see a pic of your skirt! You're such a talented seamstress, and that job sounds absolutely PERFECT for you!

    1. Yay, I'll be sure to share a picture! Awhhh thanks so much dear. You're too sweet. ^_^ I'm super excited for the job, because YES it's literally too PERFECT. :D :D