27 September 2015

Five: Being Taught In the Midst

(I'm sick of those posts detailing the week's happenings.  Let's do something different.)

>>> Fresh air and open spaces are a really great cure-all. <<<

>>> Mondays aren't all that bad. <<<

>>> Striking up conversations with strangers is worth it. <<<

>>> Fear has no place in the heart of a christian. <<<

>>> Late nights are great, but only if you can sleep in the next day. <<<

>>> Small church > mega church. <<<

>>> Looking perfect every day isn't a good goal. <<<

>>> Alone time is very important. <<<

>>> Itching to create something is a natural occurrence; don't ignore it. <<<

>>> Balance, balance, balance. <<<

>>> Staying on top of homework is a must. <<<

>>> Honesty really is the best policy. <<<

>>> Give of yourself freely, but don't open your heart to just anyone. <<<

>>> Sometimes you need to say "no." <<<

>>> Listening to good music every day is almost a necessity. <<<

>>> Hard work is the best kind. <<<

>>> Time with God every morning is huge. Never, ever skip it. <<<


  1. I love that song!!!! Great tips as well!!


  2. I really like that song! :-) Yes to all those tips! Can I add one? What I did when I went over summer for a extension Japanese program is that whenever we had a quiet moment like I was 5mins early for a lecture or somthing is I sat down under the jacaranda's
    and said a silent prayer to God thanking him for that day so far, and asking his strength for the rest of the day. My uni is not overly Christian sadly, i.e chapel does exist but it's smallish. :( Anyways I found that really helped :-D
    I will write out a response to your email as we're heading to the beach after musical rehearsal today and possibly will have no internet, besides I'm not taking my laptop.

  3. Love this post! I definitely agree about striking up conversations with strangers. You never know when you might find a new friend!

  4. Amen to having time with God. that is an absolute must. I do mine at night, but really any time you can set aside is great.

    "Fear has no place in the heart of a christian." I feel like I need to write that on my wrist and put it on a tshirt and fly it on a flag so I can see that quote every day. I really needed that. especially lately because fear has been kicking my butt the past two weeks. thank you for that reminder. Im gonna try to recite that to myself whenever I feel fear starting to creep in. thank you<3

    LOVE this post!

  5. Great post! It's so helpful. Love that song too! Just keep shining! <3

  6. I think this post will be a real lifesaver when I go off to college :D So thank you for sharing!