20 September 2015

The Fourth Week of College

Life at Liberty has been progressing at an alarming rate.

I have been here a month now, but it still feels like it's only been a few days.  Like, what why and how??? O_O  Let's just say, I'm so looking forward to the future, when we're not bound by the constraints of time anymore.  That will be amazing.

Anyway, as I was saying, I'm done with a month of college, and it's been so good.  Between classes and homework, I've been snowboarding a few times, and, surprisingly, getting better.  Which has been so cool.  Snowboarding is fun.

So, I'll just keep this post short and sweet, and y'all can look forward to a more detailed update next Sunday. :)

P.S. HAPPY [early] HOBBIT DAY! ^_^


  1. Looking good on le snowboard! I'm looking forward to your "more detailed update," and I'll hopefully be posting one soon as well :)

  2. Yeaaaaaaaaah Beth! =D
    Looks like you've really gotten the hang of it! :-)
    Your Aussie Chum