13 September 2015

Week 3: Jaws and Snowboardng

So two "firsts" occurred in my 3rd week of college life: I saw Jaws and I snowboarded.

You might have already seen this on my Youtube channel, but if not, here's a little vid I put together of my attempts at snowboarding.  There's lots of hopping and falling and not much gliding, but it's pretty funny.  Hey, if you can't laugh at yourself, who can you laugh at, right?? ;D

So, I hope you're curious about whether or not I made it on the team -- though you can probably guess the answer. ;D  No, I wasn't chosen to be one of the beginner snowboarders, to be taught how to do tricks in 8 weeks and at the end compete against the other teams.  Which I'm totally okay with.  I think I prefer learning to snowboard on my own time.

Which leads me to the second part of this snowboarding fiasco -- a bunch of the other "rejects" and I have created our own little snowboarding group!!  One girl thought of the idea and sent out an email to us, and our first practice / get together thingy is tomorrow.  I think it'll be such fun, to practice snowboarding with other people who can't do it any better than I can. ;D

And now: JAWS.  Ehm.

Well, what can I say.  It's a classic for a reason -- but it's also quite rough.  As in... lots of blood, gore, and otherwise questionable content.  I don't think I'll be seeing this one again. ;)  On the other hand, watching a crazy movie for class is pretty great.  Film appreciation for the win, right!?! ;D

Now, I'm off to do some homework... yay philosophy reading...


  1. Hhehehe at least you stayed upright!
    I would have failed epically! Gurl, you don't wanna see me on snow..xD
    Hhehehe You're using GIFS now and I heartilly approve of them!!! I still need to get to your email. You have permission to spam my inbox.

    1. Oh yes!! Hahahah XD It was so fun.
      YAYY I'm so glad I have your approval of my use of GIFs. I feel so good about myself now. ;D
      Bahahahha kay I'll totally spam your inbox.

    2. xD Wish we had snow! *mock pouts*
      Whoo! *Hi 5* and mmhmm you should .... :P
      Still getting thereeeee haha go ahead xD

  2. That snowboarding group sounds awesome! It's so great you're enjoying uni :)

    1. :D Yes! It has been amazing so far. ^_^

  3. YOU STARTED A NEW BLOG! YAY!!! I've finally gotten back into blogging and reading other people's blogs and basically getting back into the blogging universe :) I love hearing about your adventures at Liberty, though Tennessee really misses you :( I'm proud of you for trying new thing like snowboarding and watching Jaws (though I can't see myself doing the last one)... du du.... du du.... du du du du du du du du du du!!!! (Did ya get that?) Anyway, keep us posted!

    1. Yess!!! I did! :D I'm so happy that you're getting back into the blogging universe -- it's a fun place to be. I miss Tennessee so much!! I've loved reading yours and Karis' blogs and hearing about all the life happenings back in TN. ^_^

      Hahahah!!! YESSSS that theme song tho... it is so great. xD I will definitely be keeping y'all posted on the Liberty life happenings! ^_^

  4. Haha you are gonna be great at snowboarding. It was so funny when you hit the kicker for the first time and got some good air....but then you'd bail every time afterwards because you were scared of it...fun times. lol it is so awkward writing this with you sitting next to me >:D