01 May 2016

Fifteen; Counting down to Summer and Civil War

I thought this last full week of classes of my freshman year would go by sooooooo slooooooow... but it really didn't.

A few things that happened this week...
  • Friday was opening night for the production of Beauty and the Beast that we've been working on in the costume shop for the past few months!!  It's wonderful to have all those costumes finished.  And I'm so excited to go see the play myself Tuesday after next!  I've heard it's absolutely magical.
  • In a literal throw back -- or rather, throw down -- to my childhood, I skinned both my knees and elbows quite nicely as I dashed to meet my sister, who was waiting in her car to pick me up from work.  Don't ask me how it happened. One minute I was on my feet and the next I was on my face.  Oh well.  Battle scars to add some realism to my Cap cosplay for next week..? ;)
  • Also on Friday, I completed my apparel project in sewing class!!  I'm sure I've mentioned this before, but it's a winter coat -- and it turned out quite nicely, I'd say!  It's seriously such a lovely design.  I'll be sure to share some pictures once I get it back from being graded. :)

Now, a few things that will happen in the next two weeks...
  • In only nine days, my first year of college will be over.  In just nine days!!  Half of me is thrilled, and the other half is kinda depressed...  But, honestly, I do think I'm ready for freshman year to be over, and to move on to sophomore year.  Sophomore year is gonna be fun. :D
  • But, also in nine days, summer will finally be here!!!  So. much. excite.  I'm still waiting on God for direction of what exactly I should spend my three free months doing, but in the meantime, just the thought of being able to sleep in and not having to do homework... EEP.

Finally, to address the event we've all been waiting for...


Ahem. Only four days until we get to see Captain America: Civil War.  FOUR STINKIN' DAYS.  Need I remind you that I've been waiting for this movie since forevaaaaaaaaaah... basically since Winter Soldier, but mostly since Age of Ultron...

And now it's almost HERE.

Ah.  I'm so scared, guys.  Seriously.  I just know I'm gonna be traumatized.  At least it'll be fun to get all decked out in my ol' fem Cap costume again...and cry my eyeballs out, but ya know, it's all good.  UGH it's going to be so good.  SO GOOD.  All the review so far are stellar.  And, hello, according to Rotten Tomatoes it's 94% fresh, versus Winter Soldier's 89%.  And we all know how good Winter Soldier is.

Speaking of which, I'm gonna watch that piece of cinematic brilliance tonight in preparation for Civil War, following The First Avenger two weeks ago, so I better head off and continue plugging away at homework for COMS (speech) class.

Au revoir, mes amis.  If you don't hear from me next week, I think you know what my cause of death will be.


  1. Team Stark or Team Cap? (I'm Team Cap for lifeee)

  2. YAY! Congrats on finishing the year! :D
    I'm not a HUGE Marvel fan but I am SO psyched for Civil War! *squeals* I might even start watching the other movies to prepare me because I'm going to wait until my older sisters see it BEFORE I do. I'm Team Cap. Gotta love him... THIS MOVIE IS GOING TO BE AWESOME! Can't wait! XD

  3. Ahhhhh yay freshman year is ending! Yay summer! but FREAKING SEEING BUCKY BARNS AGAIN IS WHATS GONNA KILL ME AM I RIGHT?

    Im gonna cry so hard. I cant wait. Its been far too long <3

  4. I'M SO EXCITED!! I'm seeing it in 24 hours. 24 HOURS. I'm gonna cry
    Also I hope your last few days of uni for the year go well!

  5. Beauty and the Beast sounds like such a fun production! I hope you enjoy the show :)

    Ellie | On the Other Side of Reality

  6. This will be a good next 2 weeks for you! Congrats on finishing your first year at Liberty! (BTW, I thought you were going Wed. the 11th to see Beauty and Beast? LMK)