13 December 2015

Week 16 - [Almost] Done

The 16th week of my college career has come and gone.  Classes for the four courses I have remaining wrapped up on Wednesday, and finals week officially began on Friday - which was also the day I had my first final exam.

As of Friday, at 12:30 pm, my "thorn in the flesh," Philosophy 201, was behind me, and I was free (for the weekend, at least).  I must admit, I will, in some ways, miss it.  I met some super cool people, had some fun times in class, and, though I hate to admit it, did learn quite a bit of practical philosophy.  So, though I am relieved it is over, I do appreciate the time I spent taking the course.

You know, that would be the second time God has put me in that type of situation...  I suppose I am just a reluctant learner. ;)

So, with Philosophy behind me, I feel like I can finally breathe easy (though the 59 definitions I had to memorize are still swimming around in my head...).  I still have three other finals to go, but they won't be anywhere near as trying as that one for philosophy.  Come to think of it, my schedule worked out rather well, actually, because I ended up having one exam every day of finals week... that makes my OCD self rather happy. ;D

Friday night was the big, final event of the semester, Christmas Coffeehouse.  Basically a sort of concert/talent show, featuring music, dancing, lip-sync battles, and videos made by students, all based on the theme "Falalalala."  It was a great night, lots of fun and super crazy loud.  This was one of my favorites of the night -- it's just too funny.  Oh, and don't forget to watch 'til the very end...

Now it's time for some cosplay updaaaaaates...

So.  Belt is taking shape, after spending an eon of time working on the pattern to be just right...

Tried my hand at dying with coffee for the first time, and it worked fabulously!!  Big fan of coffee dying.  It gave the perfect aged, distressed look -- exactly what I was going for.  I did this to the arm wraps, which are simply two rolls of cotton gauze bandage (which look exactly like what was used for the real costume), as well as to the shirt I made, to give it a bit of an aged look, as I wasn't entirely happy with the color.

arm wraps
I'll save the end results until the reveal of the final costume. ;D

One last thing I did for the costume this week, was do a makeup and hair test.  Both turned out quite well - even though I don't look exactly like Daisy Ridley, and I'm planning on doing my hair slightly different than Rey's (in three little buns rather than half ponytails, which I just think looks odd.. xD).  I'm planning on making a video of the hair/makeup process on premiere day, maybe, possibly, hopefully.  'Cause those kinds of videos are just fun. :D

Next week!  A change to the posting schedule:  You should expect another post on Wednesday (hopefully, at least - unless I'm hard at work finishing my costume ;D) detailing the official end of the semester and all the finishing touches on my Rey costume.  Then, I'll hopefully get another one up sometime after Thursday with all the events of the Star Wars premiere!

Now... how 'bout you?  Super stoked for The Force Awakens, riiiiight??? :D


  1. Yes! I would love a makeup/hair vid <3

  2. I get to see Star Wars on the 18th! So excited!

  3. that video......oh my gosh. lol.

    but yay! I cant wait to see Star Wars!!! AHHHH!!!!

  4. AGHHHHH STAR WARS!!! I'm seeing it on the 27th! Oh the agony of waiting.. but hey I'm dressing up!? =D YUP