16 December 2015

Sneak Peak: Rey and the Star Wars VII Premiere

I know I promised you all posts yesterday and tomorrow, but I've been so crazy busy with finishing up my costume, school, and moving into our new house (!!!) that I've just had no time.

But tonight was The Force Awakens premiere, and I'm just exploding from happiness.  The movie, wearing our costumes, the whole experience was just amazing.  I had SUCH a fun time.  It was a night I will remember for a long while. ^_^

And now, it is close to midnight, and I am exhausted - plus I have a whole day of packing and moving ahead of me tomorrow, and then driving back home to Tennessee on Saturday.  But I wanted to share with you just a little sneak peak picture from the premiere night of my Rey costume -- with a very epic Kylo Ren:

I'm so happy to finally be able to show you my full costume, and I absolutely CANNOT WAIT to share all the other pictures, videos, details, and thoughts from the night - but I shall have to wait until this weekend for that. ;)

For now, have you seen the movie yet???  Planning to???  Did you dress up???  What did you think of the movie??? (no spoilers!)  Can you hardly wait for the next one???? ;D


  1. You look amazing Beth!!!!!!!!! :D

  2. I'm going with some friends on Monday b/c we couldn't make the premiere! So far, our group will consist of a gender-bent Han Solo, Rey (me!), and some surprise costumes! So excited!!!! It looks like you had tons of fun!

  3. You look brilliant!!! Well done!! I'm going as Leia from the planet of the ewoks.
    It was my costume for our BSO concert! =D But I have to wait until the 27th?! :(

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  5. I went last night as a gender swapped Han Solo... It was so much fun!
    The movie was great, but something tragic happened part way through that devastated me. No spoilers though! :)

  6. I went last night and had a blast! Wow, you look like you could be her daughter:D

  7. We also so the Civil War trailer in theaters!!! XD