08 November 2015

Eleventy: Spring Classes and My Next Cosplay

Bonjour, my dears, and welcome to a brief summation of Week 11 of Beth's First Semester at Liberty University.  Let's jump right in. :)

Last week, I completely forgot to tell you that... I've signed up for next semester's classes!

FACS 322 - Design & Construction II for Apparel
CINE 201 - Intro to Screenwriting
INFT 110 - Computer Concepts and Application
BUSI 223 - Personal Finance (Honors)
COMS 101 - Speech Communications (Honors)
BWVW 102 - Biblical Worldview II

I'm pretty happy with the schedule - it's a nice mix of "fun" classes (fashion design and film) and gen eds... and the only drawback is that I've got an 8:15 class, 3x a week.

*runs away in tears*

Nah, it'll be okay.  It was inevitable and inescapable.  On the plus side, it's a class for my fashion design minor: 2 hours of sewing goodness, bright and early. ;D  I'm trying really hard to convince myself that I'll be fine...

Next, guess what's happening this thursday???  My first snowboarding competition.  2 months after I started.

Fun fun, right? :P

The judges will count a contestant's 3 best tricks, out of 5 runs, and so far I've only got one "trick" (it's not really even a trick) under my belt.  Speaking of which, I've got practice tonight (the plan is to attempt a new trick!) so I better wrap this post up.

Lastly, I've officially started my next cosplay:

More info on that is to come. :D


  1. The Intro to Screenwriting class sounds awesome! Hope you do well in the competition.

  2. AAAAAAH! Screenwriting!! Tell me if you do film and tv pleaaaaaaaaaaaase! We can only do screenplay for film here and it's bugging me so much we can't do TV. They changed the program for our year which is awful! :( Good luck for your competition! :-)

  3. Oh my goodness, I can't believe your going to cosplay as Rey!! That makes me so excited! I hope it goes well!